A mountain bike means adventure and freedom and children love those feelings at all ages. Children are always in search of something new and fun, they need to consume their energy in different ways and by facing new challenges.


The challenge of riding a mountain bike makes children proud of themselves, because it is not as easy to learn how to ride and fully enjoy a mountain bike. Although, of course, it is no harder to learn to ride a mountain bike than it is to learn any other bike. They can have a lot of fun with their friends when mountain biking and having fun is what being a child is all about. It gives them the opportunity to explore and to overcome what may at first seem difficult and daunting to them.

We offer three sets of mountain bike courses for children all of which are aimed at getting young people into cycling.

  • Kids Balance bike courses which are open to kids 4 and up and are available over a 12 week term.

  • MTB for Beginners which is open to kids 5 and up, run over a 12 week term is run as an after-school club.

  • MTB Skills training which is open to kids 6 and up, run over a 12 week term is run as an after-school club.

All our mountain bike training courses are made to ensure the children learn whilst having fun. The courses are aimed at children aged from 6 to 16 and are similar in format to our introduction to mountain bike course:

  • correct bike set up

  • how to use their gears

  • how to use their brakes

  • correct rider positioning

  • balance

  • going uphill

  • going downhill

  • cornering

  • front wheel lifts and bunny hops

Sound fun?  Contact us at info@bikehub.club or by telephone 5402 9970 for more information.

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