Tune Up Bike Service  (Service Package – Minor) 

For occasional riders

Peace of mind if you’re unsure about the state of your bike. Good for lightly used bikes; those that have sat unused in the garage for a lengthy periods of time; or new bikes that have not been set up and never been used.

  • A detailed safety check on your bike.
  • We check over and adjust the key systems on the bike – wheels, brakes and gears, headset, lube the chain and pump the tyres.
  • We inspect and adjust  the key safety-critical fastenings on the bike, including saddle, handbars, chainset, and pedals
  • This service does not include cleaning beyond the frame.

Setup Bike Service (Service Package  – Major)

For everyday riders

A Setup Service is suitable for bikes whose systems are worn and may require the replacement of many of the most common parts.  

  • We will set up all the systems: the gears and brakes; true the wheels and pump the tyres; lubricate the transmission and other parts; remove the seatpost, pedals and handlebar stem and regrease where necessary, and check for tightness of all the key fastenings on the bike.
  • This service includes the fitting of all the most commonly worn consumable parts. These are: tires, tubes, wheels, all control cables and brake pads.
  • Includes cleaning of the frame and rims and a wipe down of the transmission. 
  • This price is exclusive of replacement parts.

Complete Overhaul Bike Service 

A Love Bomb for your bike

The Overhaul Service is a fully comprehensive service aimed at ensuring optimum performance on high end bikes; or restoring heavily used bikes whose systems are worn out and need lots of parts replacing. If you need a service that not only adjusts and replaces all the shorter life ‘consumables,’ but one that really treats everything, including the internals,* then consider this. All decent bikes deserve a full overhaul every few years and in some cases, much more often.

  • Includes a full strip down and reassembly of the bike – replacing parts where necessary.
  • This service includes the fitting of all parts.
  • Includes a deep clean: full degreasing and cleaning of the transmission (when not replaced), as well as a full clean and polish of the frame and wheels.
  • Includes the overhaul of internal assemblies on the bicycle, including the bottom bracket and BB threads, hub and headset bearings.
  • Includes wheel truing and repairs.
  • This price is exclusive of parts.
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